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7 Cryptos Gaining Today as Bitcoin and Ethereum Stumble

This has been an interesting day for cryptocurrencies across the board. There are plenty of reasons why, from the recent signing of the bipartisan infrastructure bill by President Joe Biden to the announcement that China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) is planning to continue its crypto restrictions. The agency made its stance on crypto mining very clear, criticizing its harmful effects on the environment and calling out Bitcoin (CCC:BTC-USD) directly. With news like this, it’s hardly surprising that the two most prominent names in crypto, Bitcoin and Ethereum (CCC:ETH-USD), have seen prices plunge today. With that in mind, though, there are plenty of other cryptos gaining today that are worth looking at.

Days like this can be helpful for highlighting the cryptos whose gains may often be overshadowed by their larger peers. So what names are enjoying a day in the green? Let’s take a closer look.

7 Cryptos Gaining Today That You Should Watch

  1. Avalanche (CCC:AVAX-USD). At the top of this list is Avalanche, currently trading at $100.50 and still rising. It’s up 6% for the day, with gains of 13% for the week. The team behind this crypto notes its fast transaction times and eco-friendliness, two factors that bulls say make it a potential Ethereum killer.
  2. Decentraland (CCC:MANA-USD). This is actually a crypto based on the Ethereum network, not a theme park for DeFi fans. However, it’s generating gains that certainly made for a fun day for investors. It’s up 3.6% for the day, but its gains for the week of nearly 30% are more noteworthy.
  3. The Sandbox (CCC:SAND-USD). With metaverse technology dominating conversations right now, it makes sense that the SAND token is rising significantly. SAND is up more than 17% on the day and 36% for the week. This is definitely one of the cryptos gaining today that’s worth keeping an eye on, especially if you’re considering a bullish play on the metaverse. It recently made InvestorPlace contributor Mark Hake’s list of metaverse tokens to watch.
  4. UNUS SED LEO (CCC:LEO-USD). This token has branded itself as “the utility token at the heart of the iFinex ecosystem.” It was a top mover in the space today, and while it’s up 2.6% as of this writing, the token is down more than 8% for the week.
  5. Alitas (CCC:ALT-USD). Here’s a name whose numbers are green across the board. Alitas can call itself an altcoin for multiple reasons. ALT is up almost 9% for the day and 118% for the week, but this month has seen it shoot up by more than 300%. It was called a “breakthrough in blockchain technology” a few months ago when it was trading at only $11 per token. Today it trades at more than $41. Of the cryptos gaining today, it’s definitely worth watching.
  6. IoTeX (CCC:IOTX-USD). As its name implies, this token was created as an open-source project to empower the internet of things (IOT) through a decentralized platform. It’s up 10% for the day and 112% for the week, but touts even more impressive gains for the month of more than 230%.
  7. Huobi Token (CCC:HT-USD) Bitcoin trading platform Huobi Global launched its native token in 2018. Its value is dependent in part on the exchange’s reputation, but if current prices are any indication, both are sound. The token is up 3% on the day and 2% on the week with gains for the month at more than 45%.

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