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90 Day Fiancé ‘s Angela Deem Accidentally Flashes Her “Granny Crotch” in Must-See Tell-All Clip

90 Day Fiancé fan favorite Angela Deem showed a little more than anyone was expecting to see when discussing her ongoing plastic surgery makeover in this exclusive sneak peek at discovery+’s 90 Day Bares All, airing Sunday, Oct. 3.

“Now, you said you want to get more surgery, right?” host Shaun Robinson asked in the preview above.

Angela confirmed that she’s looking to go back under the knife after her 90-pound weight loss and dramatic glow-up in August.

“We don’t have much to do but there’s some loose skin and dents and cellulite, in my arms of course and right here between my thighs,” Angela explained, while showing Shaun just exactly where on her inner thigh she’s looking to surgically shave off. “Like, these are holding them together but there’s some jelly right there, you know?”

Yet, Angela’s sheer black tights were no match for the stage lighting, and Shaun got a front seat to Angela’s privates.

“I tell Michael, where’s my toast?” Angela joked about her husband, seemingly oblivious to her inappropriate flashing.

Angela Deem, 90 Day Fiance, Bares All, Happily Ever After

“Could you see through it?” Angela later asked after Shaun joked that she just gave their cameraman a “show.”

Shaun said, “Well, a little bit.”

Angela deadpanned, “I’m so sorry. It’s a granny crotch. Don’t worry about it.”

Watch the full clip above to hear why Angela was “off” during the Happily Ever After? Tell All!

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