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ADA Pay’s New Version is Live!

After releasing ADA Pay on Shelley mainnet, introducing our NFT auction solution to Wolfram Alpha and others, and partnering with Occam.fArdana, and more, we are now happy to share the recent updates and improvements of ADA Pay with you.

ADA Pay is an ADA payment system for businesses that rely on the Cardano blockchain. The offering allows merchants to accept ADA payments with -instant settlement.

With scale and simplicity as guidelines, this product brings payments with ADA to a new era.

Here are the new features added to ADA Pay:

Infrastructure for scale

By building our own “wallet” and UTXO management system, we can efficiently monitor millions of addresses with great efficiency. This infrastructure allows us to support a greater number of merchants who are interested in getting paid with ADA.

Improved customization

With this new set of parameters, merchants can now customize settings like the system behavior into including/excluding fees from withdrawals, the payment requests’ expiration time, and more.


The upgraded product includes full integration into our software. Merchants can now add payments requests, automatic withdrawals, and live notifications which makes it the perfect tool for technology and businesses to charge payment with ADA.


Our withdrawal system is faster and has more capabilities like bulk withdrawal where merchants can withdraw from many outputs and thus save a lot of fees.

We are continuously building and improving our products. Future features planned to be added to ADA Pay include SDK, saving fees, a refund functionality, a new design, and more.

Stay COTI!

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Technical whitepaper:

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