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AEW Star Shoots Back At Undertaker For Controversial Remakrs


Miro is a flagbearer of the new generation of stars who make formidable opponents in the ring but also join each other in playing video games once the show is over.

Though it’s no secret that stars from the older generations are not a fan of this changed environment in the locker room. People like The Undertaker have claimed that ‘grit’ is missing from today’s wrestling.

The AEW star responded to this sentiment during an interview with Fightful. He mentioned how he doesn’t understand the people who look at video games negatively:

“People are trying to talk bad about video games, which I never understood. We all have our downtime. Some people want to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes and do heroin and others want to play video games.”

‘Sorry, Undertaker’

Miro discussed how some of the old-timers have called it a bad thing. He went on to call out The Undertaker for his remarks:

“Some of these old timers are calling this a bad thing. I don’t think it’s a bad thing just because we have more brains now than people before doesn’t mean video games are bad.” said the former TNT champion, “Sorry Undertaker, we don’t have guns and drugs, and don’t fight each other backstage.”

Miro also revealed how he started streaming his gaming sessions after his WWE release. The former US champion said that it all happened accidentally when he was sitting at home, waiting for his non-compete clause to expire.


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