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Amber Heard can appeal, but has to pay mega amount, says judge: ‘No nonsense’

Amber Heard cannot appeal unless she settles what she owes to ex-husband Johnny Depp after losing defamation trial.

In the final hearing post verdict, Judge Penny Azcarte announced that Heard must pay Depp $10.35 million in damages and an additional interest, if she wants to appeal the verdict, reports New York Post. 

The Fairfax County judge after consultation with jurors wants the actress to settle the $10.35 million amount plus $480,000 (6% interest).

The case will be moved to the Court of Appeals of Virginia after 21 days and both parties will have 30 days to file an appeal notice, notes the outlet.

Amber Heard earlier took to her social media and blamed the judicial system curbed her voice in the defamation lawsuit. The actress asserted that she will file an appeal to challenge the verdict from ‘social media influenced’ jurors.

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