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Amber Heard dines with journalist who got banned from Johnny Depp’s defamation trial

Amber Heard has enjoyed the company of her journalist friend, who got banned from Johnny Depp’s defamation trial for breaking rules, in Tel Aviv.

The actress dined at a central Tel Aviv cafe last week with her friend, Eve Barlow, the journalist who got herself banned from the defamation trial.

Barlow has remained close with Heard and was barred from the defamation trial for repeatedly taking her phone out and trying to advise Heard’s team.

The journalist was banned from the defamation trial, after she was caught texting and tweeting from the front row of the courtroom, which is generally reserved for legal counsel.

She also reportedly tried to provide legal counsel to Heard’s team by showing them social media posts of a Depp witness, which she alleged were compromising. Depp’s lawyers successfully filed a motion to have Barlow permanently barred from the courtroom.

After gaining backlash online for her fervent support of Heard, Barlow claimed that the negative comments against her were fueled by misogyny and anti-Semitism.

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