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Amber Heard files a counter to dismiss verdict or allow a new trial against Johnny Depp

Johnny Dep is in for more court trials as his ex-wife Amber Heard has sought a dismissal of the case against Depp or a re-trial. Heard feels that the judge did not believe her “victim of domestic abuse” story and also one of the jurors was not vetted properly according to her team of lawyers. Heard believes that one of the jurors has been listed as born in 1945 whereas in other introductions he is shown as being born in 1970. Also, the judge had ruled in Depp’s favour regarding the compensation  ..

Depp had filed the case in Fairfax, Virginia against his ex-wife as he felt that even though he was not mentioned in the story written by Heard for Washington Post, it sullied his reputation. The 6-week trial turned into a television fiasco and the world tuned in to get a slice of the action. Details about a fight in Australia had been narrated by Heard where Depp lost the top part of his middle finger and Heard claimed she was sexually accosted by a liquor bottle by Depp. Depp denied the charge ..

The trial was a recount of what a British newspaper had said about Depp being a “wife-beater”. The judge there had given the verdict against Depp as Heard, according to the judge was telling the truth.

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