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Amber Heard ‘nearly killed’ Johnny Depp in their marriage: Insider

Insiders believe Amber Heard nearly killed Johnny Depp with her alleged ‘cheating and manipluation’.

Hollywood’s elite insiders and sources shared this insight in an interview with The Pop Topic.

They started off by saying, “There’s been [a] lot of talk about Amber Heard. The hills have been singing her song since before the divorce drama started, it’s just a different tune now.”

“Anybody who is anybody in Hollywood has heard of Amber’s wild orgies, and sadly that means Depp knew too. He knew, and it was slowly killing him. He didn’t want to confront Heard, he just ran away, went on benders to try and kill his emotions and thoughts with drugs and alcohol.”

Before concluding the insider also went on to note, “But now, after the trial, and after all the new leaks are coming out about Heard’s past, and even her present, Hollywood [has] had enough.”

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