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Amber Heard reveals texts to dad to prove Johnny Depp ‘kicked’ her

Amber Heard brought another piece of evidence to light during her first tell-all interview since the Johnny Depp trial as she unearthed her text messages to her dad.

During her interview with Dateline’s Savannah Guthrie, aired on June 17, the Aquaman actor’s legal team presented multiple messages to NBC reporters.

In one of the text messages to her dad, Heard detailed getting abused by her former husband in 2014.

“I keep not fighting back. He literally kicked me and called me an (expletive) in front of everyone on the plane. It’s humiliating,” the message read.

Guthrie revealed that the judge in the trial said that the message was deemed inadmissible in court.

Moreover, Heard also claimed that her therapist kept ‘years of notes’ dating back to 2011 that detail her getting abused throughout this time.

“Her notes represented years of real-time explanations of what was going on,” she said during the interview.

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