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“Amber Heard should have hired me”: Sykkuno brags about Among Us lawyering skills, thinks he could have helped Amber Heard

While playing Among Us with Leslie, TinaKitten, and Miyoung, Sykkuno pulled an amazing big-brain play, stunning his streamer friends. He got so caught up with the victory as an in-game lawyer that he started bragging about being the best lawyer in the world. He even made a joke about the infamous celebrity trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, saying:

“I’m the best lawyer out there. I’m charging hundreds, hundreds. Amber Heard should have hired me.”

A highly popular mod of the famous social deduction game Among Us, called ‘The Other Roles,’ adds a bunch of new options to the game. The new roles include Jackal, Sheriff, Mafia, Lawyer, and many others. This brings up new roleplaying mechanics that spice up the already heated gameplay of Among Us.

Leslie could not believe how Sykkuno manipulated TinaKitten to vote herself out

The job of a lawyer in the game is to protect their client regardless of their team’s intentions. That is, a lawyer for an imposter may win the game if the imposter wins. This adds more nuance to the meetings in between rounds, adding to the intrigue.

In that particular game, Sykkyno was Miyoung’s designated lawyer, and Miyoung was the sole imposter. With Leslie out of the game, the crucial meeting between him, TinaKitten, and Miyoung gave him a good opportunity to hoodwink the crewmate and win the game.

(Timestamp 4:11:39)

He convinced TinaKitten that he was a Swapper, another role available in the mod that allows the player to exchange votes between the two players. Tina fell into the trap and voted for herself, thinking Sykkuno would swap it and kill Miyoung, the actual imposter. Here’s what he said:

“Tina, vote yourself. I’ll swap you quick… I’m swapping you with her. Vote yourself quick, and I will swap it.”

When she expressed concern about the plan, he doubled down:

“The swap is already locked in. I’m already saying it out loud because I know Miyoung has no chance.”

The repeated assurance from him ultimately convinced TinaKitten:

“Okay, okay. This is perfect. I’m gonna vote for myself, and then we’re gonna win, right?… Okay, I’m trusting you, Sykkuno. Here goes.”

After the results were out, both Miyoung and Leslie accused Sykkuno, calling him “sick” and “a psychopath” for manipulating TinaKitten like that. He magnanimously took the credit for winning the game, asking Miyoung for money for his services. That’s when he made the joke about Amber Heard:

“Amber Heard should have hired me. I’m kidding. I’m kidding. Oh god.”

Fans reacting to Sykkuno’s manipulation

Fans clearly loved the way he played the others to win the game. Among Us is all about social deductions, gaslighting, and lying to get away with murder. So the drama was much appreciated by the audience:

Chat reacting to the big brain play (Image via fuslie/Twitch)
Chat reacting to the big brain play (Image via fuslie/Twitch)
YouTube comments about TinaKitten being manipulated (Image via fuslie shorts/YouTube)
YouTube comments about TinaKitten being manipulated (Image via fuslie shorts/YouTube)

After the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial, many on the internet were of the opinion that Heard’s lawyer was not up to the mark. This is likely why Sykkuno’s remark drew such squeals of laughter from Leslie and the others.

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