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Amber Heard sparks debate with her latest move in Johnny Depp case

Amber Heard, who is seeking a retrial in her defamation lawsuit against Johnny Depp, has alleged that the incorrect juror was sat on the court which her lawyers claim entitles her to a mistrial “based on newly discovered facts and information”.

The actress has claimed that “Juror No. 15 was not the individual summoned for jury duty on April 11, 2022,” according to documents filed with the Circuit Court of Fairfax County.

There’s reportedly a discrepancy between the ages of the two jurors; the documents claim the person initially selected was 77-years-old but shares the same last name and address as a 52-year-old.

“It is deeply troubling for an individual not summoned for jury duty nonetheless to appear for jury duty and serve on a jury, especially in a such as this,” the filing reads, adding: “Where the fact and date of the jury trial were highly publicized prior to and after the issuance of the juror summonses.”

The paperwork says the Aquaman star was therefore not given the proper “due process,” so she’s asking for a mistrial “and a new trial” to be ordered.

Johnny Depp win all three defamation claims in his case against ex-wife Amber. The six-week trial was aired on news channels and streaming platforms.

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