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Amber Heard thinks her career “is over” and she could write a book to pay Johnny Depp

Nor a month has passed since the information became known sentence of the defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. In the resolution, the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor came out on top and the court sentenced his ex-wife to pay him a fine of close to 15 million dollars. Now, Heard will be about to write a book, whose profits would be used to pay off the debt.

According to the British newspaper mirror, A source close to the actress assures that the Hollywood career of the interpreter of ‘Aquaman’ “is finished”. Therefore, an idea that flies in Heard’s mind is to write a book with her experience and also narrate what happened during the trial and the fierce criticism received through social networks.

“She’s already started talks for the book and is obviously excited about it. At this point, Amber has nothing to lose and wants to tell everything,” maintains the source to the aforementioned medium. The Mirror has also reportedly contacted an expert divorce lawyer, who expresses his book rejection, since he believes that it could provoke a new demand. According to the lawyer Dror Bikel, Johnny Depp’s legal team has already thoroughly analyzed the article in which Heard accused the actor of mistreatment and achieved a conviction without the name of the Hollywood star appearing in the actress’s text.

Heard’s options to pay

To the lawyer, this should have warned Amber Heard away from the idea of ​​writing a book and risking another libel conviction. “Depp and her lawyers are going to read and listen to everything Heard writes and says. If she overdoes it, which is very likely, there will no doubt be another defamation lawsuit coming her way. and they will end up back in court,” warns Bikel.

For him, as the interpreter announced that he could not face the payment of 10 million, once the part that Depp had to pay him had been deducted, the most viable option would be to declare bankruptcy.

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