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Amber Heard wants Johnny Depp in her life, even if it is in a ‘negative’ way

Amber Heard toxic relationship being Johnny Depp is being weighed upon by expert.

Speaking of Heard’s latest tell-all with NBC, Cooper Lawrence talked about her ‘confusing’ statements after losing the trial.

“They are confusing. She is on the ‘you need to listen to me tour, I was not lying tour’. She has these awkward moments, like she had during the trial where you are like ‘wait, are you lying again?’

“She cannot get her own stories straight that she memorised for the interview and she is not even under oath.

Ms Lawrence added: “I mean, we know Johnny Depp does not have scissors for fingers. We also don’t think he was once a real pirate. That thing was really odd, I am trying to figure out what her intention is here because it is not doing her any good.

She continued: “Social media is having a field day with her once again and that is what she was trying to avoid.

Speculating another defamation trial, Mr Lawrence added: “She is getting herself in trouble here. They had a trial, the jury found out the she defamed him and yet she is defaming him again. 

“She is poking the bear ever since because she still wants him in her life, even if it is in a negative way and here she is again. They do have a toxic relationship and she clearly wants to continue it.

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