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Amber Heard’s former friend reveals the actress pushed her or hit her

A former friend of Amber Heard testified Tuesday in the defamation trial in which actor Johnny Depp is seeking $50 million, noting that at some point she had a physical altercation with the actress, who pushed or punched her in the face.

Raquel Pennington noted that she met Heard around 2003, and the pair quickly became “very close.” The witness indicated that their friendship spanned several years and continued through Heard’s relationship and divorce from actor Johnny Depp.

Amber’s friend, who spoke for about 30 minutes, also described the early days of her relationship with Heard and noted that the two previously lived together and that she also lived in a penthouse next to Depp and Heard.

Argument with Heard ended in physical altercation

She also noted that on one occasion, Pennington said she and Heard argued over Thanksgiving dishes.

“We were getting ready for Thanksgiving and we were looking for maybe some glasses or china and couldn’t find them anywhere,” Pennington said.

“She finally found them in a place that I thought she had been looking for and we started arguing about it. She thought I wasn’t looking hard enough and I told her I thought I had looked there,” the woman added.

She later indicated that the argument turned physical and testified that she pushed Heard. In response, she said, the actress “either pushed me or hit me back,” before noting that “it was on my cheek.”

The woman added that the incident marked the only time she had a physical fight with the Aquaman actress, and that she knew of “no other” instances of her hitting someone else.

Why did they stop talking to each other?

Pennington said she eventually “parted ways” with Heard and said the two are no longer speaking because she “wanted to prioritize other relationships.”

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