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Amber Heard’s prenup lawyer shares shocking details of Johnny Depp’s ‘awful’ behavior’

Amber Heard’s prenup attorney comes forward with a shocking amount of insights into Johnny Depp’s attitude towards her.

Lawyer Michelle Mulroney made these revelations during her testimony.

It all occurred via a video link, where she can be heard sharing her experience with Mr Depp.

The video is from March 1st, 2021 and includes revelations by the lawyer.

She talks of Mr Depp’s attitude and behaviour towards Ms Heard during their prenup deliberations, back before the marriage.

She was quoted telling the judge and jury. “My recollection is that he was very mean, he called me names, and that he fired me on behalf of Amber. My only exact recollection is that he called me a [expletive].”

Mulroney became “extremely rattled by the call” at the time and admitted that the actor’s tirade included for a solid two to three minutes, right up till the point where she hung up.

“I thought he was under the influence,” she went on to tell the Fairfax, Virginia courtroom. “He was slurring his words,” as well.

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