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Amber Heard’s sister claims actress cut Johnny Depp’s finger

New information about domestic violence Johnny Depp According to the test, during his marriage to Amber Heard, he noted that the actress had cut off her finger during one of their arguments.

Leaked documents regarding a defamation case between the two actors indicate that Amber’s sister, Whitney Heard, gave details to a friend and her then-boss about a 2015 incident in which she cut her finger from a bottle Was.

Whitney told Jennifer Howell: “cut off his fucking finger”, according to a new unsealed court document.
The incident happened while Depp was filming the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film in Australia in 2015. Amber was with the actor and in one of their discussions, she threw a bottle of vodka at him, causing a severe cut on his finger, which required reconstruction.

Intergatorio de Amber Heard

Under cross-examination, Howell gives Depp’s attorney, Camille Vazques, the details of what Whitney told him.

,I was sitting exactly where I am now because I am sitting at my desk in the office. So I was sitting here at my computer, working, in my field, answering, doing what I was doing“, Told.

,And right there, there were two black and white chairs with a table in the middle. Whitney was sitting in one of the black and white chairss.,

,And she says, ‘He cut her finger. He cut off her finger. And then he ran out the door and said, ‘I have to call someone. I want to call someone,

When Camille asked who she wasEllaHowell replies that he was talking about Amber and Johnny and apparently threw a bottle and cut his finger, Whitney told him.

During the trial, Amber denied injuring the actor, saying that the cut was made by Johnny during a drunken spree. When Johnny went to the ER, he tried to hide Amber’s guilt by lying about the incident.

New revelations and evidence

Along with the evidence and evidence discarded during the trial come new revelations.

The material contains derogatory messages from Johnny to Marilyn Manson about Amber and Manson’s wives, as well as documents that Depp discusses as an alien dancer before meeting Amber.

One of the papers not included in the trial indicates that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor had problems with erectile dysfunction; According to Heard’s defense, these claims were of great importance because they explained why Depp allegedly sexually abused her.

After being found in favor of Johnny Depp with documents and evidence presented by the jury, Amber filed for bankruptcy in order not to pay the $10 million dollar amount mentioned in the trial.

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