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Among Us Is Getting Three Collector’s Editions

Recent news has revealed that Innersloth’s popular multiplayer title Among Us will finally be made available on console platforms. With Among Us releasing on PlayStation and Xbox, console players can now experience the fun and betrayal of the online game starting December 14. However, the console release date was not the only announcement made by the devs. Innersloth revealed that the three collector’s editions of Among Us will be made available in North America in December, and in other territories early next year.

Though the multiplayer title was released back in 2018, Among Us only experienced massive traction online two years later. In 2020, many streamers and content creators discovered the video game, and found that they enjoyed the unique gameplay Among Us offered. Now, with the title available on many platforms such as desktop, mobile, and on the Nintendo Switch, it is not surprising that the devs targeted consoles next. They even boosted the hype for the console announcement by also giving fans updates about the Among Us Collector’s Editions release dates.

On Twitter, Innersloth announced that Among Us would be available for consoles on December 14, 2021. However, the game’s publisher Maximum Games retweeted the post, and added that the three Among Us Collector’s Editions will hit store shelves in staggered dates. According to the blog post, the Crewmate Edition will first hit the UK and Europe on the launch date of the console versions, while Japan and South Korea will get them two days later on December 16. For the US, Canada, and Latin America territories, the Crewmate Edition will be on shelves by January 11, 2022.

The other two versions, the Imposter and Ejected Editions, will release across other areas this Spring 2022. Maximum Games has not defined yet which territories they will show up in. Each of the Among Us Collector’s Editions will come with a bunch of physical bonuses such as a blanket, stickers, plushes, and more in addition to a copy of the gameThey are also priced differently, with the Crewmate Edition costing $29.99, and the Imposter and Ejected Editions priced at $49.99 and $89.99, respectively. For the hardcore Among Us fans and community, the collector’s editions provide them with unique Among Us merchandise.

With Among Us finally being available on most gaming platforms by the end of the year, fans can likely expect a surge of imposters online. Hopefully the development team will be on standby, and make sure no server issues or glitches will pop up, especially when more players will be logging in.

Among Us is currently available for Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and PC. A PlayStation and Xbox release is slated for December 14, 2021.

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