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Australia accuses Amber Heard of breaking ‘very serious’ law with Johnny Depp

Amber Heard is being put on blast for breaking the law in a “very serious” move alongside ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Branding it “very serious” a former member of the country’s parliament explained the threat and explained how, at the time, the dogs were threatened with execution.

What many are not aware of however is that while the matter was initially resolved with Johnny Depp flying the dogs out of the country, the libel case presented findings that contradicted the initial information presented to Australian authorities at the time.

Due to this, another investigation has just opened up, per a report by the Central Recorder.

For those unversed with the true nature of the threat, and why Australian authorities took the matter towards an ‘execution’.

The Minister of Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, offered her explanation.

Back in 2015, she claimed, “There’s two things. Australia is an island continent. We take biosecurity as a part of our national identity very seriously.”

“While other countries may take religious laws extremely seriously, or espionage laws seriously, we take biosecurity laws seriously. It would be a disaster for our economy.”

“You have a range of things – rabies, we don’t have rabies in Australia. Many people enjoy bushwalking. I’ve got wild dogs around here… I’m a farmer.”

“It would completely change the way our country runs. We’re very aware of what happens if there’s an incursion of rabies or screw fly or the big one we’re watching out for is foot and mouth.”

“We come down like a ton on those who would decimate regional economies, change the standard of living in our country, and increase the cost of living.”

“But if we start letting movie stars — even though they’ve been the sexiest man alive twice — to come into our nation [and break the laws]If we don’t want to break the laws, why not? It’s high time.”

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