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Axie Infinity Scholarships in the Philippines: How they work and how to get started

Axie Infinity Scholarships are a new way for people to earn an income in developing or low-income countries such as the Philippines, where unemployment is high and job opportunities are few and far between. In essence, an Axie Infinity Scholarship in the Philippines is an agreement between a person who wants to play Axie Infinity but cannot afford to buy the three Axies needed to get started, and a player guild that provides Axies to their players in exchange for a cut of the player’s earnings.

Axie Infinity scholarship gives the opportunity to start earning a regular income from playing Axie Infinity without any startup costs.

For ‘scholars’, an Axie Infinity scholarship gives them an opportunity to start earning a regular income from playing Axie Infinity without any startup costs from the comfort of their home in the Philippines. There is a range of different players guilds in existence, which players can look to for a scholarship. Most of the guilds are centered around a Discord server, which is a communications platform developed for the gaming community. Within a guild’s Discord, there are many resources and channels allowing players to learn about Axie Infinity, access resources, communicate with other players, and most importantly to connect with guild managers.

The requirements to obtain an Axie Infinity Scholarship in the Philippines vary from guild to guild, with smaller guilds focusing on onboarding players in their local communities that they can connect with through people they know. Other guilds like Crypto Gaming United (CGU) are onboarding thousands of players, aiming to recruit scholars who will play well and bring in high earnings. In the case of bigger guilds, there are assessment and screening processes, testing potential scholars’ gaming experience, skills, and knowledge of Axie Infinity before giving them access to the game. The goal of these guilds is not only to recruit players who earn and play well but also to develop energetic learning communities, filled with people passionate about a future decentralized digital economy, so engaging with the guild community through the Discord and other social media platforms is key.

Guilds vary in the terms and conditions attached to their Axie Infinity Scholarships so it is important for players to establish the requirements for their engagement before signing on. As they start playing and earning on their Axie Infinity Scholarships, scholars can participate in guild events and competitions, and have access to ongoing training through the guild. Within each guild, there are player managers who receive a portion of their players’ earnings and are responsible for overseeing and supporting their players. At CGU, player managers take their roles seriously and particularly value their ability to solve problems and provide opportunities for education and growth to their teams.

When players are onboarded to their Axie Infinity Scholarship in the Philippines, they set up a cryptocurrency wallet, which is where their earnings from the game arrive. Different guilds have different processes for managing payments. CGU uses a dedicated labor management system (LaborX) and cryptocurrency exchange (TimeX) to ensure the process for receiving payments is smooth and efficient for players. Encouraging player engagement with cryptocurrency technologies is a core aim of CGU, ensuring that scholars acquire the skills they need to live and earn in a future digital economy.

CGU has a team of Axie Infinity Scholarship players in the Philippines and is looking to grow the number of scholarships offered in the country substantially over the coming weeks and months.

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