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Banners fly as fans cry, ‘Let’s go Brandon’ and ‘F*** Joe Biden,’ chants inspire new viral song

Crowds again broke out in a “F*** Joe Biden” chant over the weekend.

The not-so-favorable cheer happened at Saturday’s Arkansas-Ole Miss game and a Trump rally in Iowa. The chant has been popularized since a reporter mistook the chant by a NASCAR crowd as “Let’s go Brandon,” causing the blip to become an internet meme. It even has a song that’s gone viral.

“F*** Joe Biden!” the Ole Miss and Arkansas fans chanted and clapped.

A plane pulled a “Let’s go Brandon” banner at President Donald Trump’s rally. “Join,” it read, advertising former Trump aide Jason Miller’s social media company geared toward conservatives.

Another plane carrying the same message was spotted in Auburn, Alabama.

A “Let’s go Brandon” song went viral Sunday on TikTok, garnering more than 33,000 likes.

The tune, which went viral in under 12 hours, features rap lyrics “You know what they sayin'” as opposing chants of “Let’s go Brandon” and “F*** Joe Biden” play in the background. The creator is alluding to the misunderstanding at the Talladega NASCAR event, where a CBS News sports reporter interviewed driver Brandon Brown post-race.

While chants of “F*** Joe Biden” rang out in the background, the reporter said fans were yelling “Let’s go Brandon!”

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