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Biggest Hearthstone Battlegrounds Update Yet Replaces Dozens Of Minions

A massive new Hearthstone Battlegrounds update overhauls the strategy game with new minions, heroes, and cosmetics. Hearthstone, a digital card collection game from Blizzard Entertainment, contains multiple game modes including the auto battler strategy game Hearthstone Battlegrounds. The game allows players to recruit minions, which automatically attack the enemy team in order to ultimately defeat their hero character.

June 2021 saw the release of a Hearthstone Battlegrounds update which introduced the fearsome Quilboar as a new minion for players to recruit. The savage Quilboars are fearsome and amusing warriors, adding a lot of personality to any battlefield which they rage across. The Quilboar update for Hearthstone Battlegrounds introduced seventeen new minions to the game, all of which take advantage of a new Blood Gem mechanic for a variety of different effects. Three new heroes were also added to the game, including the terrifying Death Speaker Blackthorn and the healing priest Xyrella. While the Quilboard update was a very substantial expansion to Hearthstone Battlegrounds, Blizzard Entertainment also issues smaller pieces of content for the auto-battler title. An update back in January 2021 added two heroes and two minions to Battlegrounds, including the Soul Devourer demon and clownish Ring Matron.

An extensive overhaul of Hearthstone Battlegrounds has been announced by Blizzard Entertainment. The update, referred to as the largest Battlegrounds update in the game’s history, will remove 37 minions and replace them with brand-new creatures. While players may mourn the loss of Mal’Ganis or Lieutenant Garr, they can now familiarize themselves with new additions like Tony Two-Tusk or Master of Realities. Two new heroes, Master Nguyen, and Cariel Roame, are also being added to the game.

Alongside the addition of new heroes and minions, Hearthstone Battlegrounds‘ refreshing update will bring some more general changes. Players’ ratings have been reset for a new season, and Darkmoon Prizes have been disabled. The length of turns three through nine have also been increased by five seconds, and a damage cap of 15 points has been implemented until the first player’s death. These seemingly minor tweaks will no doubt result in huge changes to Battlegrounds‘ balance and speed when the update goes live on August 31.

In addition to Hearthstone Battlegrounds‘ upcoming update, the card collection game itself received a large expansion at the beginning of August. 2021’s second Hearthstone expansion, United in Stormwind, brought players on a journey to the titular exotic locale of Stormwind. A breathtaking 135 new cards were introduced by the expansion, and all classes also received a three-part Questline to explore. The expansion’s unique keyword, “Tradeable,” also allows players to put cards back into their deck at the cost of some mana.

Blizzard Entertainment continues to support Hearthstone Battlegrounds, with new minions and heroes releasing at a steady pace. The game’s upcoming update may prove to be its most drastic change yet, as over 30 cards will disappear and be replaced by brand-new substitutes. As a big shift to the game’s balance, players will likely need to adapt their strategies to accommodate these strange new cards and heroes.

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