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BNB to rise over 30% as Binance Smart Chain proposes to burn BNB fees like Ethereum

  • BEP-95 recommends burning 10% of the transaction fees in an ongoing manner.
  • BNB price could skyrocket with a shortage in supply, the fiat-denominated value of rewards increases. 
  • The proposal will be validated once it receives a minimum deposit of 2000 BNB.

Implementing a burning policy triggered the “Triple Halving” in Ethereum, driving a supply shortage of Ethereum in circulation. In a similar way, Binance proposes to burn Binance Coin in every transaction. 

Binance Coin to turn deflationary with implementation of BEP-25

Binance Smart Chain is preparing to introduce a fee-burning mechanism. Binance Evolution Protocol (BEP-95) proposes that Binance Smart Chain (BSC) should adopt an ongoing fee-burning mechanism. The move is similar to that which saw the implementation of EIP-1559, in which over $2.1 billion worth of Ethereum tokens have been burned. These tokens were pulled out of the circulating supply permanently. This reduced the number of ETH tokens in circulation and triggered a rally in ETH price. A similar implementation is currently in the draft stage in the BSC ecosystem.

The burning mechanism will be enabled by introducing burnRatio. At the end of each block, a deposit function will be invoked to transfer the gas fee. The burn logic will be implemented after, and the burnRatio times gas fee will be transferred to the burn address. The initially proposed burnRatio is 10%, and the change will be determined through a proposal-vote process based on the voting power of users. 

The announcement reads:

While implementing this BEP might decrease the total amount of BNB that validators and delegators receive from staking, the fiat-denominated value of their rewards may increase. This burning mechanism would further reduce BNB supply; thus, increasing demand would drive the BNB value higher.

Unlike Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain already has a burn mechanism in place, and Binance intends to burn 50% of the total supply of BNB over time. To date, Binance has burned a total of 1,335,888 tokens, worth $660.7 million ($494.5 per BNB). 

Cryptocurrency analyst @FeraSY1 shared his analysis on BNB price. The analyst has set a target of $670 for the BNB price. 

@PhoenixAsh3s, a cryptocurrency analyst and trader, has made a similar prediction based on the BNB price trend. The analyst expects BNB to hit $680 in the ongoing bull run. 

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