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Camille Vasquez shares boyfriend’s reaction to Johnny Depp rumours

Camille Vasquez is talking about her widespread fame after representing Johnny Depp during his scandalous defamation trial.

While Camille gained attention for her work ethic and one on one sessions with Depp ex-wife Amber Heard, she also made headlines with a potential affair with Pirates of the Caribbean star.

Speaking to Access about the rumours, Camille shared her boyfriend’s reaction to the internet frenzy.

“He is wonderful and supportive, loves me and has met Johnny and has worked for Johnny for four and a half years now so there was no issue there, ever,” gushed Camille.

“Welcome to Hollywood,” chuckled the host.

When asked if she ever knew she would make it big in the industry, Camille admitted it is ‘surreal’.

“If someone would have told me this at the first day of college, I would have said you are kidding. Obviously it was a bit of luck and a lot of hard work,” shared Vasquez.

Sharing how her work during the Johnny Depp trial has helped her touch lives, the attorney shared a story of a court-goer.

“I was in trial and I had a mother during one of the sessions. She stopped me and she made me cry. She shared she took her daughter out of school today so she can see a Hispanic role model,” gushed Camille.

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