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Canadian political party leader pledges allegiance to Bitcoin ahead of election polls

The leader of the rapidly growing “People’s Party” of Canada, Maxime Bernier, has voiced his support for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies just a week before the country’s federal election.

In response to a question about his support for Bitcoin and other digital assets, Bernier said:

Of course I do […] I hate how central banks are destroying our money and economy. I’m more of an old-fashioned gold & silver fan, but cryptos are another new and innovative way to counter this that should be encouraged.

His latest comments correspond with previous ones that condemned the current monetary system and the inflation of the money supply. He also criticized Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, for abusing the “Keynesian apparatchiks” at the Bank of Canada, printing money to fund his “gigantic deficits.”

Bernier’s tweet attracted 10k likes and brilliant support from Bitcoin enthusiasts. Many Bitcoin fanboys encouraged him to take his support a step further.

The managing director at SwanBitcoin, Stephan Livera, was in opposition to Bernier and argued that Bitcoin is superior to gold and is the only chance that Canada has.

According to the People’s Party website, the party brings together “populism, classical conservatism, and libertarianism,” with an “unwavering commitment to reducing the size of government,” and polls predict that they could win as much as 6.1% of the vote in the upcoming federal election even though they currently hold no seats in parliament.

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