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Cardano’s Alonzo Mainnet Is Now Live, ADA To The Moon!

  • Cardano’s Alonzo mainnet hard fork is now LIVE!
  • Analysts expect ADA to surge like never before.
  • Future projects will get the spotlight after Alonzo’s launch.

Cardano’s Alonzo mainnet launch is now live! This is indeed a huge milestone for the project. CEO Charles Hoskinson says that this is the beginning of a New Era for Cardano. This much-awaited launch is highly anticipated by the whole crypto community.  

According to the CEO and Founder of Eight — Michaël van de Poppe, this new era will be a very memorable one. In fact, he posts a tweet talking about the current price chart of Cardano (ADA).

As we can see from the chart on the tweet, the price of ADA is ready for a massive bounce. According to this CEO, ADA is ready to hit $5. This is one of the biggest effects that will come from the Alonzo mainnet debut.

In detail, the price of ADA has steadily gone up over the past couple of months. This is mostly thanks to the successful Alonzo testnet launches. Many analysts believe that this is only just the beginning and that the price of ADA will continue to rise.

Another factor to Cardano’s future success is the high possibility of the crypto’s market cap going up. Presently, ADA’s market cap is over $83 billion. One analyst expects the crypto to hit $500 billion in market cap. This will only further boost Cardano’s standing in the crypto space. 

Alonzo will bring with it smart contract functionality. With this, we may see a boom in DApps, NFTs, blockchain games, and DeFi on Cardano. Many projects will eventually flock towards Cardano and its growing network.

At the moment, Cardano is going through its Goguen Era. After this, there is the Basho Era and finally the Voltaire Era. By the time Voltaire is complete, it will be Cardano’s community that will run the show. ADA holders will have the power of governance and can influence what happens next on the network.  

Therefore, we can be certain that the Alonzo mainnet launch is only just the beginning. The project still has many adjacent projects and phases to complete before it hits its last Era — Voltaire. It will be incredible to see where the project will go next from here. Perhaps we will soon hear more concrete updates from the upcoming Cardano Summit 2021.

In their latest blog post, the IOHK says that the summit’s sessions have been finalized. The blog confirms over 100 sessions with over 40 hours of content. It seems the 2 days of the summit will be packed with action. All in all, the IOHK is ready to celebrate this day. 

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