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Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson criticizes CardStarter vs. SundaeSwap spat but remains bullish on ADA

  • The founder of the Cardano blockchain commented on the legal spat between CardStarter and SundaeSwap.
  • Hoskinson comments on future upgrades on the Cardano blockchain and predicts the long-term growth of the network.
  • Analysts believe there could be a bullish reversal in the Cardano price trend based on historical data. 

The CEO of Input Output Hong Kong and founder of the Cardano blockchain, Charles Hoskinson, recently commented on the long-term growth prospects of the network. Hoskinson shared his views on the lawsuit filed by CardStarter – a project accelerator – on SundaeSwap, a Cardano-based DEX. 

Hoskinson criticizes lawsuit filed by CardStarter against SundaeSwap

In a recent YouTube video, Charles Hoskinson addressed the legal spat between two projects on the Cardano blockchain, CardStarter and SundaeSwap. Hoskinson shared his thoughts, saying a lawsuit is a “horrendously expensive” and time-consuming way to tackle a disagreement. 

CardStarter took SundaeSwap to court over a disagreement on the number of SUNDAE tokens to be set aside, irrespective of a merge between the two projects. After several failed negotiations between the two Cardano-based projects, CardStarter filed a lawsuit. 

The founder of the Cardano blockchain believes that builders on the blockchain network should be mindful of disagreements and tackle them before filing a lawsuit, reviewing terms of agreement and scope well ahead. 

Hoskinson shared his views on the Cardano blockchain’s next update. The founder of the Ethereum-killer project revealed that a hard fork is unnecessary, given the changes in the planned upgrade. 

Input Output Hong Kong(IOHK), the developers behind the Cardano blockchain, recently increased block size by 11%. Based on community feedback, the update failed to impact congestion in the Cardano network significantly. 

The Cardano blockchain has several updates lined up for the next four months, ending June 2022. Analysts have evaluated the Cardano price trend and predicted a trend reversal in the altcoin. 

Crypto analysts at the YouTube channel Crypto Capital Venture believe that Cardano currently offers one of the best opportunities in the ecosystem. After five consecutive months of posting losses, analysts believe the Cardano price is ready for a trend reversal. 

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