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‘Creepy’ Amber Heard blackmailing Elon Musk into paying Johnny Depp

The unsealed documents linked to Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s defamation case have shocked fans across the globe.

The secrets from the entire document were shared by Jessica Reed Kraus, an Instagram influencer.

She lifted the veil off the secret billionaire parties Heard allegedly frequented for the “copious amounts of MDMA.”

The unsealed documents alleged that Heard would use the opportunities presented during those parties to film Elon Musk doing incriminating actions.

Reportedly, “It’s not surprising to anyone who knows her. Amber was always filming him. She had a method. She would get Elon really [expletive] up, so incriminating events could transpire and then film it all.”

The source of this information is a regular from those parties, and they explain, “The rumor has always been that she has some dark shit on him, and that’s why he’s indebted to her.”

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