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Dark Souls 3: Anri Of Astora Questline Walkthrough

Along your travels in the world of Dark Souls 3, you’ll come across an NPC named Anri Of Astora. They’re a very unique character as their gender will always be the opposite of the one you’ve chosen. Their sworn duty is to defeat one of the Lords Of Cinder, Saint Aldrich Of The Deep. However, there are other individuals that have much grander plans for them.

There are two ways that Anri Of Astrora’s questline can play out. One of which can significantly alter the ending of the game. With this guide we’ll show you both options for completing this quest, so you can control Anri’s fate.

Questline Ending 1: Marriage/Usurpation Of Fire Ending

To begin this quest, you need to reach the Halfway Fortress bonfire located within the Road Of Sacrifices area of the game. You’ll find Anri there along with their untalkative traveling companion, Horace The Hushed. They’ll tell you about their mission to defeat Saint Aldrich and wish you luck on your own quest.

After you make your way through the Cathedral Of The Deep and defeat the Deacons Of The Deepwarp back to Firelink Shrine. Anri and Horace will be there standing behind Aldrich’s throne. They’ll mention how Aldrich wasn’t in his coffin and how a small doll told them that he’d gone to the city of Irithyll in the Boreal Valley. Now continue on your way.

The next time you’ll see Anri is after you’ve beaten The Abyss WatchersTake the stairs down into the Catacombs Of Carthus and head to the left. You’ll fight a whole lot of skeletons and eventually run into Anri. They’ll be all alone and wondering what happened to Horace. Keep going and you’ll reach a creaky rope bridge that looks like this:

Be careful around this area as many skeletons will appear here. To the right of the bridge will be an elevated path that will lead to a ledge where Anri is standing. Take note of that location.

Now at some point after defeating Vordt Of The Boreal Valley, you may have met a pilgrim named Yoel Of Londor. He can be found among the many dead pilgrims on the broken bridge near the Undead Settlement. Speaking to him will send him to Firelink Shrine where he will give you free levels based on your hollowing statIf your hollowing stat is all the way up to 15, you’ll get five free levels from him.

Once you’ve done this, the next time you go to see him, you’ll find his corpse along with a strange woman standing nearby. This is Yuria Of Londor who will play a vital role in this questline. Speak to her and she’ll ask if you know Anri. She’ll tell you that you need to marry Anri in order to become a true lord of hollows.

Head through Irithyll and you’ll make it to the Church Of Yorshka bonfire. If you’ve followed the steps so far, Anri will be there as well. Talk to them, exhaust all their dialogueand you should receive the Quiet Resolve gesture. Move on from here and towards the Pontiff Sulyvahn boss fight. After you’ve killed him, head back to Firelink Shrine and speak with Yuria again. She’ll tell you that your spouse is waiting for you, which seems like an oddly ominous statement.

Now head through the section past the Pontiff Sulvahn bonfire, up into the castle past all of the Silver Knights standing in your way. You should reach a room that looks like this:

There will be a statue to the right. Hit it to reveal an illusionary wall. Down some steps, you’ll find another pilgrim. Speak to them and they’ll tell you that Anri is ready for the wedding vows. They’ll hand you the Sword Of Avowal. Now head down the long hallway — which you may recognize as the spot where you fought Gwyndolin in the first Dark Souls — and you’ll reach an altar with a body lying upon it.

That corpse belongs to your spouse to be, Anri. Now plunge the Sword Of Avowal into their face to complete the weirdest wedding ceremony of all time. You’ll receive three Dark Sigils as a wedding gift. You can also pick the Chameleon spell off of the corpse of the pilgrim — who has mysteriously died for some reason — and if you come back here later, you can find Anri’s Straight Sword.

Now go back to Firelink Shrine and exhaust all of Yuria’s dialogue. Beat the game by defeating the Soul Of Cinder and you should get the Usurpation Of Fire ending.

That’s one way to complete this quest. However, if you don’t feel like marrying someone by stabbing them in the face, this is the other way to go about things with Anri.

Questline Ending 2: Defeating Aldrich Together

Go about the beginning of this quest the same way as before. Speak to Anri and Horace at the Halfway Keep bonfire, talk to them at Firelink Shrine after the Deacons Of The Deep boss fight, and find Anri in the Catacombs Of Carthus.

Now after they mention that Horace has gone missing, go to the other side of the rope bridge from beforeWhack its posts with your weapon and it will collapse. You can now use it as a ladder to climb down. You’ll reach an area with a Fire Demon that you can either attempt to fight or just run past. Light the bonfire ahead and you’ll now be in Smouldering Lake, which can be a pretty treacherous place. Ignore all the sights and keep to the right.

Enter the first entranceway you see and head down that path, which should have a few Crystal Lizards along the way. You’ll reach a wide-open area with Horace. Unfortunately, Horace has gone hollow, so you need to put him down. Kill him, return to Anri’s location on the ledge near the rope bridge, and tell them where Horace was. As a reward, they’ll give you the Ring Of The Evil Eye.

Note: It is imperative that you kill Horace before telling Anri about his location. Failing to do so will cause Anri to run into the hollow Horace and be killed, which effectively ends this questline.

Now, find Anri in the Church Of YorshkaExhaust their dialogue, but don’t leave the church just yet. At the entrance to this church, you should see some statues in the corner to the leftOne of these statues is actually the pilgrim who gives you the Sword Of Avowals in disguise. They’ve been sent by Yuria to kill Anri in order to initiate your marriage ritual. Kill them and they’ll drop the Chameleon spell. Doing this allows Anri to continue with their quest while also preventing you from getting the Usurpation Of Fire ending. This also lets you summon Anri before the Pontiff Sulyvahn boss fight.

Reach the Anor Londo bonfire and head up the stairs past two Silver Knights. You should see a summon sign in front of the castle’s doors that gives you the prompt to “Answer Anri Of Astora’s call for cooperation.” Accept this request and you’ll be summoned into Anri’s world as a phantom. You’ll now enter into the boss fight with Aldrich alongside Anri. You have to defeat Aldrich and Anri needs to survive. If you need help with this fight, there are some useful strategies in this list below.

Anri will thank you for your help in completing her mission and you’ll receive an Ember for your troubles. Seems like a pretty happy ending, right? Well…

Head back to Firelink Shrine and speak to Ludleth. He’ll tell you that Anri came by the shrine and dropped off their sword to give to you. You’ll receive Anri’s Straight Sword. He’ll mention that he’s not sure where they went afterward. Unfortunately, we do know where they’ve gone.

Go back to the spot in Smouldering Lake where you found and defeated Horace. You’ll find a grave that Anri has built for him. You’ll also find Anri, who has gone hollow. They likely dropped off their sword to Ludleth not only as a way of saying thanks, but also because they knew that they would turn hollow and wanted to be poorly armed against whoever stumbled across them. Sure enough, when you see them here, they’ll only have a broken sword hilt to fight you with. Defeat Anri and allow them to finally rest alongside Horace.

Boy, this is one depressing questline, isn’t it?

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