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Dead by Daylight Survivor Tips Guide: How to win and beat killer

Dead by Daylight features several playable survivors, some of whom come from fan-favorite horror movies. In various maps, your squad of four will be up against a specific killer. If you’re not careful, you could end up captured or worse. Here’s our Dead by Daylight guide to help your survivors win and beat the killer.

Dead by Daylight Survivor Tips: How to beat the killer as survivors


The moment you hear your heart thumping, that’s when your survivor knows that the killer is close. More often than not, this will lead you to run away in fright. But, this is also a mistake.

Running allows killers to see a survivor’s marks on the ground. Similarly, vaulting and other rash actions, much like failing quick-time-events (QTEs), will create loud noises that alert the killer to your location.

Instead, it’s better to walk or even crouch when you’re not in immediate danger. These prevent the killer from spotting you too easily.


Another option is to hide inside lockers. However, this will only fool most Dead by Daylight beginners who play as a killer. More often than not, experienced players will often check lockers near generators or scratch marks on the ground. They tend to be common hiding spots that people will go to in a panic.


If you’re playing as a survivor in Dead by Daylight, another way to avoid the killer is by making the most out of pallets. These are wooden structures that you can push down and, if a killer is close by, it’ll get stunned temporarily.

Looping implies going around or back and forth a spot, all while being mindful of the killer’s movements. This will delay the killer long enough until you’re able to push the pallet to stun it. However, this is also a bit risky.

The problem is when you panic and drop a pallet too soon, even when you’re not in grave danger. Killers can destroy and kick down pallets, making them unusable for the entirety of the trial. As the match progresses, having too few of these can be detrimental to your survival. You’ll no longer have obstacles that can prevent the killer from reaching you.


If you obtain the flashlight, you can use it to temporarily blind the killer. This will also automatically cause the killer to drop any survivor that it’s carrying. However, this is countered by the “Lightborn” killer perk (available by default to the Hillbilly), which negates blinding effects.

Likewise, in the event that you get downed and carried by a killer, you can attempt to wiggle away. It’s also possible to escape on your own while hooked, but this is a dangerous maneuver that will likely get you devoured by the Entity too early. It’s better to wait for a teammate to free you.


Naturally, the most convenient way to avoid the killer in Dead by Daylight is if survivors split up. It’s four against one, and the killer can’t focus its attention on everyone at the same time. Thus, one survivor might get chased while three others try to activate the generators. If your friend gets hooked, just find a way to free them when the opportunity arises.

For more help with Dead by Daylight, you can take a look at our guides on how to win as a survivor and how to win as a killer.

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