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Destiny 2: Notorious PvE Player Shares a Video of Infuriating Overload Champion Footage

Destiny 2 recently celebrated its fourth anniversary since the initial release in 2017, and Bungie keeps on adding content to the game after all this time in the form of expansions and Seasons. The game’s current model has been doing very well for a number of reasons, including the fact that Seasons are the perfect time to drop sandbox patches and lots of new content coming in bits, while expansions are the big sellers with a lot to unpack. However, the past two days have been quite difficult for the Destiny 2 community after the debacle of The Witch Queen and Year 5 Dungeons coming next year.

Despite the game being in a good spot in terms of narrative and gameplay alike, there are of course still a lot of things that players wish to see fixed or changed. An example comes from this Season’s activities, like Legend Shattered Realm and Legend Astral Alignment, which are considered to be very unrewarding on their own, and even more so when compared to past seasonal content. Another example comes from Destiny 2‘s Champion system, which was introduced in Shadowkeep, but still features bugged encounters that can lead to headaches and frustration.

Yesterday, Esoterickk, one of Destiny 2‘s most influential solo PvE players, shared a video of their run through this week’s Grandmaster Nightfall – the unpopular Exodus Crash. Esoterickk is considered to be one of the best players in the entire Destiny 2 community, who is capable of soloing very hard content and Raids, but that didn’t prevent them to run into issues while fighting Overload Captains. The content creator’s video shows how two Overload Captains took 10 whole minutes to defeat, and how infuriating the whole thing was.

Overload Champions are in desperate need of a rework, considering they can often break out of the stun way faster than intended only to teleport around the room and start recuperating HP immediately after. This behavior is particularly bad in solo content because of ammo economy and how hard it can be for Destiny 2 players to deal burst damage to them enough for the Champions to get to the Finisher threshold. Esoterickk’s video, though, shows an unintended interaction with Ticuu’s Divination and the Causality Arrows perk, which makes the Overload Captains regenerate health despite being stunned, thus prolonging the fight indefinitely.

The community has been asking about a rework of Overload Champions for a while now, but it’s unclear whether it is on Bungie’s to-do list or not at this point. Still, awesome ideas keep coming from Destiny 2 players, like that of having the Shoot to Loot perk pick up and dismantle blue Engrams to reduce inventory clutter.

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