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Donald Cerrone Best UFC Fights: Top 5 epics after ‘Cowboy’ Retires

UFC and MMA legend Donald Cerrone officially retired from combat sports following his loss at UFC 276, but what are some of the best fights in the Cowboy’s historic career?

The fighter has had some pretty high-profile contests in his time, against the likes of Conor McGregor, Mike Perry and Nate Diaz.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 5 contests in the Cowboy’s UFC career. Win or lose, he had some pretty memorable excursions into the octagon.

Here are the top UFC fights in the career of ‘Cowboy’ Donald Cerrone following his retirement at UFC 276.

Cowboy Cerrone’s Best UFC Fights

5. UFC 246 vs Conor McGregor 

McGregor v Cerrone

This was easily the biggest payday and the most high-profile contest of Cerrone’s career inside the octagon.

Despite the fact that McGregor would dominate and get the win early, this is still a massive moment in the career of the Cowboy and deserves to be remembered as such.

4. UFC Fight Night 139 vs. Mike Perry

UFC 276: Adesanya v Cannonier

Cowboy would enter this contest following a loss to Leon Edwards and fans questioning whether he still had what it takes to compete at the highest level.

Despite the detractors, Cowboy would end up getting the win via verbal submission, transitioning from a  triangle choke attempt into an armbar then locking out the left arm of Perry and getting the sub as ‘Platinum’ lay belly down on the canvas.

3. UFC 178 vs Eddie Alvarez

UFC 276: Miller v Cerrone

Eddie Alvarez was regarded as one of the best Lightweight fighters in the world even before he finally made his way to the UFC.

Cowboy entered the contest looking to spoil the party for the newly signed competitor, and he managed to do so over the three rounds.

Alvarez appeared to take round 1, but Cowboy was able to weather the storm and come back strong in the second and third for the biggest win of his career to that point.

2. UFC on ESPN+ 1 vs. Alexander Hernandez

UFC 276: Miller v Cerrone

Another fantastic finish for the Cowboy, as he managed to take out Hernandez following a massive opening for Hernandez that saw Cerrone reeling.

After Cowboy was able to find his ground later in the first round, he began to suss out the strategy of his opponent, before finding a right high kick that rocked Hernandez late in the second that sent him to the canvas, where a series of right hands brought the fight to its finale.

1. UFC 150 vs. Melvin Guillard

UFC 276: Adesanya v Cannonier

This was the definition of a blink and you’ll miss it contest, and it rounds out our top 5 for Cowboy’s career.

Only 11 seconds into the bout, Guillard managed to drop Cerrone with a counter left hook to the chin that had Donald on rocky round. 

“The Young Assassin” was then hunting for a finish over the next 30 seconds, but Cerrone was able to steady himself.

Cowboy managed to clip the top of Guillard’s head with a left high kick a minute into the fight that completely changed the momentum of the contest and led to Cerrone getting the win.

The kick managed to rock Guillard, after which Cerrone would move forward and connect with a right hand that would finish the fight right on contact.

Guillard was immediately on roller skates and Cerrone took advantage, charging forward and connecting with a clean right hand that ended the fight on contact.

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