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Dwayne Johnson, Worth $800M, Reveals His Rock Solid Secret of Bagging Big Hollywood Films

Nobody has built and expanded their career over the past ten years more than Dwayne Johnson. It’s never simple to find your position among a crowd with the top talent when you come from a wrestling background. Additionally, it is indeed challenging to gain the same degree of fame all over with Hollywood’s global influence, but DJ has succeeded in doing so and successfully attracted fans.

The People’s Champ has contributed to many successful blockbuster films over the years. Notably, producers have recently considered casting DJ in a number of classic roles in place of great actors like Will Smith and Johnny Depp due to his extraordinary records.

Fans commonly ponder how DJ gets his films now, considering the fact that The People’s Champ has grown into a significant Hollywood figure on par with Will Smith.

How does Dwayne Johnson get his movies?

The Rock is a multi-millionaire with a net worth of $800M and, notably; he is one of the highest-paid actors right now. His list of achievements makes it obvious that he sidesteps the standard process that budding actors are supposed to go through. In a Question & Answer session on his YouTube channel in 2017, Johnson answered this query regarding how he currently gets his films.

Replying to this question, DJ stated, “I don’t have to audition for my movies anymore. They come to me with an idea, and they’re like, Rock, we have this idea.”

He continued by explaining how individuals just approach him and pitch their ideas. Interestingly, Johnson used the example of a person who asked him to lead Notebook 2 and then moved on to the next idea since he doesn’t like the movie’s concept. Additionally, the Brahma Bull underlined that he will never avoid any story like San Andreas, where he has greater room to express his skills.

However, considering his stature and how he solidified his status as a top-tier actor, it’s not shocking to discover how he secures the roles. Notably, he surpassed Hollywood’s great Will Smith last year in terms of actor earnings from a single movie. Fans are currently awaiting Black Adam, his most anticipated film to date, which will be released in theatres in October.

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