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Elon Musk’s ex-wife Talulah Riley reflects on her relationship with Tesla billionaire

Elon Musk, who recently broke his silence on Amber Heard and Johnny Depp defamation trial and wished the two actors to move on, has been praised by his ex-wife Riley.

Actress Talulah Riley, who married the Elon Musk twice, has reflected on her relationship with the Tesla billionaire.

Riley, whose new dystopian novel The Quickening is out now, was married to Musk twice – first from 2010 to 2012 and a second time from 2013 to 2016.

Reflecting on her relationship with the billionaire, the author admitted that ‘it looks strange that she married Elon Musk twice.’

In an interview with The Independent, Riley said: “I suppose the reason to get remarried was just because it felt silly to be together unmarried after having been married. You know, it’s like a habit. We were saying, ‘This is my husband.’ ‘This is my wife.’ ‘Oh, wait, no, we’re not that anymore. We better be that again.’”

Riley added she shares a “very deep love and connection” with Musk: “He’s a great friend. He looks out for me. We are in a happy place now, where we’re good to each other, which is really nice. I have the utmost love for him.”

The actor, who is now dating her Pistol co-star Thomas Brodie-Sangster, said she took a career break to care for Musk’s five children from his first marriage to Justine Musk.

“It wasn’t really a traditional housewife role,” she said. “I mean, there were the rockets and the cars, and there were things blowing up… there was a lot going on – a lot that was very stimulating.

“We [she and Musk’s kids] were very involved in what was going on. It was a group effort. A family-wide effort.”

Riley gushed over her former husband: “Elon was great. He had me alongside for all of that. So it wasn’t like I was stuck in a mansion in Bel Air like a trophy wife, which would not have been fun. I did, of course, witness that for others. But luckily, that was not my fate.”

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