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Fallout 76 Kicks Off Halloween 2021 Event With Latest Update

With Halloween just around the corner, Bethesda has announced a series of holiday themed additions to Fallout 76 with the game’s latest update. Officially released October 19th, this update will give players of Fallout 76 the chance to hunt down dressed up Scorched, trick-or-treat, as well as take advantage of holiday sales.

Fallout 76 was released back in 2018 and was the first time the franchise delved into the world of multiplayer games. Functioning as the earliest time period in the Fallout series, Fallout 76 takes players to West Virginia just 20 years after the apocalyptic nuclear war. This update will last throughout the Halloween season, coming to a close on November 2.

This update to Fallout 76 brings a variety of Halloween-themed changes to the game including adding costumed Scorched. Players can earn themselves a legendary item as well as a piece of Mystery Candy if they can hunt down these special Scorched. The update gives players a free Spooky Candy Bowl they can place at their CAMP in Fallout 76 which opens up a number of daily challenges. These revolve around giving out Mystery Candy and trick-or-treating at neighboring CAMPs. This update also covers the in-game date of the beginning of the apocalypse in Fallout lore and Bethesda has announced sales on Fallout 76 as well as the in-game currency known as Atoms to celebrate.

Just as this update shows, Fallout 76 continues to host events tying its community together. The Mystery Candy and daily challenges encourage player collaboration while the possibility of Halloween-themed Scorched with legendary items should mobilize a lot of players. These both work to incentivise player interaction all in the name of Hallooween. This being the first multiplayer Fallout game, Bethesda continues to work on improving it after a shaky release.

In general, Bethesda has done much to erase the negative reaction players had to this game’s inital release. Fallout 76 has had a number of updates and improvements that have helped the game win over some of those begrudged fans since then. This, the latest update, is just one part of that larger program to make Fallout 76 as successful as possible.

That being said, there are still fans of the franchise that can’t be convinced to play a multiplayer game. Coupling this with the mixed release of the game, Bethesda has had a challenging time winning everyone over. Fortunately, at the very least, these themed updates add a new flavor and new incentive to join its community.

Fallout 76 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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