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Fortnite Destroyed Dish: Where to find bottles of Robotic Grey location

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8 Cubed has dropped, and it’s brought with it a whole of new challenges to complete. One of them asks players to find Bottles of Robotic Grey at the Fortnite Destroyed Dish, and we’ve got all the details here.

Fortnite Season 8 has once again reinvented Epic’s popular battle royale. From yet another Marvel collaboration that sees Venom and Carnage added to the game to a whole new dimension in The Sideways.

There’s also a fresh new Battle Pass and a stack of new challenges to help you reach level 100.

One of them tasks players with collecting Bottles of Robotic Grey at the Fortnite Destroyed Dish. Here’s our quick and easy guide on where to look.

Carnage in Fortnite

Fortnite Destroyed Dish location

To complete this challenge, players will first have to head over to the Fortnite Destroyed Dish. This, unfortunately, isn’t a named location on the map, but it can be spotted pretty easily, thanks to its sheer size.

It can be found west of Dirty Docks, where an Alien Abductor ship crashed into an IO Base during Season 7.

We’ve marked the Fortnite Destroyed Dish location on the map below so you can be sure to land there next time you’re leaving the Battle Bus.

Fortnite Destroyed Dish Location

Once you’ve landed at the Fortnite Destroyed Dish, it’s simply a case of tracking down the three colored bottles that are scattered around this Fortnite Destroyed Dish.

Luckily, they’re quite easy to spot, but it may take some work to pinpoint the exact location since the area is large.

Don’t worry, though. We’ve got the precise placements of each Bottle right here.

  • The first is near the center of the area, on top of the large broken dish.
  • Another is at a building on the south side of Destroyed Dish. Follow the stairs up until you hit a broken piece of walkway.
  • The final one is at the rear of the same building, underneath a tent next to the wire fence.

You don’t need to interact with each Bottle, simply walk into them and collect them.

Fortnite Bottles of Robotic Grey locations

Compared to some of the Fortnite challenges we’ve seen in the past, finding the bottles of Robotic Grey at the Fortnite Destroyed Dish is a relatively straightforward one.

It’s worth noting, however, that other players may be trying to complete the same challenge, so be prepared to run into enemy teams.

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