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Gisele Shaw Announces She Is Transgender


IMPACT Wrestling Knockout Gisele Shaw has come out publicly and announced that she is a transgender woman.

Appearing on Breakfast Television in Canada while speaking about Pride Month, Shaw felt it was her time to make the announcement.

Shaw said the following in her appearance –

“The news is that today, I am truly living my life to the fullest, truly authentic, and I am transgender and I’m very proud.”

On making the decision to publicly come out with this news and celebrate, Shaw commented –

“It’s super scary, but the more I speak about it, I feel it just gets normalized and I feel more free and accepting of my own self and loving myself.  I think that’s really important.”

On timing her announcement with Pride month, Shaw said –

“It means so much to me because during Toronto pride especially.  It’s about being proud and being authentic and true to yourself.  It’s so important to just love yourself and to be true to who you are.”

She went on to discuss what being a Quintessential Diva means to her as it is her moniker and she talks about what got her into wrestling.

To watch the video you can click here – Gisele Shaw – Breakfast Television In Canada

Shaw is currently set to face Rosemary on the June 30 episode of IMPACT! If she is victorious she will be helping out The Influence in an attempt to regain the Knockouts World Tag Team Titles. The gold was won by Rosemary and Taya Valkryie from The Influence at Slammiversary.

Congratulations to Gisele for living her true and authentic self. Happy Pride!!


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