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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Definitive Edition Has Two Launch Dates

Rockstar Games has finally announced the release date for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, but with a bit of a twist depending on the versions of the games players want to buy. In one case, this does confirm that Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy will be available in December, some players will be able to pick up the game almost a month earlier depending on how they purchase the game.

In the case of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, the two different versions of the game that will alter the release date are the digital and physical versions that players can purchase across all major platforms. This means that players who prefer to purchase digital versions across PC or console will be able to download and play the game much earlier than those who prefer to own a physical disc of games.

For the digital edition of the game, players will be able to buy Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy on November 11th, with pre-orders for this version already available to purchase at the time of this writing. The physical edition, however, won’t be available until December 7th, according to the official listing on the Rockstar Games online store. It isn’t clear if this delay is a result of shipping time, or simply the time needed for the developer to prepare the discs for mass market distribution.

Both the digital and physical versions of the game will be available for $59.99, still a standard price for most titles releasing across previous and next-gen systems. Additionally, this release information has also revealed the system requirements, which are relatively low even among remasters and should give access to players on most consoles and lower-end PC builds. There is also a slight difference at the time of this writing with the release date on some consoles, which shows Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy on PS5 releasing a day early on November 10th, though other systems like the Nintendo Switch show the 11th like Rockstar’s store.

Players excited to either revisit these older games, or possibly give this classic trilogy a try for the first time, digital appears to be the better option between the two. Having to wait almost a full month for the physical version doesn’t really seem worth it for anyone who has access to internet and can download the game. Of course, there are millions of players around the world who don’t have consistent access to the internet for the download, possibly either increasing the expense to purchase Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy or delaying the availability of the game to these fans.

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