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Gruden’s emails, an impending NFL legal disaster & 3 teams we’re worried about

Everyone knows the headline by now. On Monday evening, after a plethora of disgusting & offensive emails were leaked, first by the Wall Street Journal, and later by the New York Times, Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden abruptly resigned, likely never to hold a significant position in or around the NFL ever again.

Charles Robinson is joined by NBC’s Michael Smith to discuss the aftermath of this seismic blow to one of the league’s most storied franchises and iconic coaches. A few questions still linger: if the Raiders received these emails on Friday, why was this information sat on until the Times leaked it? What league figures could be implicated in future leaks?

Charles & Michael discuss those issues as well as one more: why the NFL should be scared about how these email leaks may play into its ongoing legal troubles in St. Louis & Oakland after the Rams & Raiders respectively left town.

Later in the show, the guys talk about ESPN adding a wild card game to their Monday Night Football slate & Michael’s unhealthy Madden obsession.

In the second half, Charles & Michael break down the three teams they’re worried about most in the NFL & as well as the one NFC team every other squad should be afraid of in January. (41:35)

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