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Halo Infinite Ranked Playlist Pits Keyboard and Controller Players Against Each Other

Ever since Bungie released Halo: Combat Evolved on the original Xbox in 2001, the Halo series has been known for its responsive gameplay on a controller. While some first-person shooters, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, utilized mouse and keyboard controls, past Halo games served as an example of precise controls on a gamepad. However, this conception of the Halo series has started to change following support for mouse and keyboard on the Master Chief Collection and the soon-to-release Halo Infinite.

Recently, 343 Industries released a PC overview video for Halo Infinite. The first new installment in the Halo series to launch for both Xbox consoles and PC, the developers have aimed to bring many PC-centric elements to the experience. Amongst the many features coming to the game, the developers have decided to add crossplay between Xbox consoles and PC. While players already knew that they could match in Competitive playlists with others using the same input type, the developers revealed that an additional Competitive playlist was coming.

During the PC overview video, the developers announced that in addition to the previously mentioned Competitive playlists, Halo Infinite will support a playlist allowing players on both controller and mouse and keyboard to play together. According to 343 Industries, this new playlist disregards the debate about controller vs. mouse and keyboard and lets players determine for themselves which is better on the battlefield.

While the aim assist debate has been around for years, it seems inevitable that this new Competitive playlist for Halo Infinite will create controversy. Over the past few months, the discussion surrounding controller aim assist vs. mouse and keyboard has intensified. Recent comments from popular streamers such as Myth and Dr Disrespect downplaying the skill needed to play on a controller have helped stir the pot. With the debate persisting, it will be interesting to what popular streamers and pro players think of this combined playlist.

Besides this new announcement, 343 Industries gave fans a look at other features coming to the PC version. One highlight was the announcement that Halo Infinite will support LAN hosting on PC. This feature will allow players on both PC and Xbox consoles to play together through a LAN connection. In addition, the developers noted that an anti-cheat system has been developed that is supposed to support fair play without being intrusive for players.

It’s nice to see 343 Industries giving fans this level of support for players on PC. It will be interesting to see how things play out with this new combined Competitive playlist once gamers can jump into the action. Will aim assist reign supreme, or will the precise movements of a mouse come out on top? Only time will tell…

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