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How Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy became a couple

I am a huge fan of Filipino-American stand-up comedian Jo Koy and American comedienne Chelsea Handler and seeing them together as a couple makes my heart melt and get butterflies in my stomach.

The two have always been long-time friends for 15 years and workmates as Jokoy would frequently guest in the Chelsea Handler show back in 2006. So how did it develop into a romantic relationship?

Last Wednesday, Chelsea recalled in the Drew Barrymore Show: “It didn’t happen overnight. In retrospect, we were hanging out a lot we would have seven to eight-hour friendly dates where nothing was happening and all my friends were saying – What are you doing? You and Joe are a thing! And I keep on telling them we’re not! … One day when I was performing in Vegas, he went to my show, and I’ll never forget when he walked into my hotel room and my older sister Simone was there, and I just looked at him and I just saw him in a different way and my sister goes — ‘You’re acting like a couple’ and I told her that’s what’s going to happen! And so I made the first move. And Jo Koy said, ‘Don’t ruin this.’ And I said, ‘Oh, I’m going to ruin it! I said I’m going to ruin it ! Let’s go!”

In the talk show, Drew reminded her that the risque’ comedienne manifested that she would fall in love last year then Drew played a video where the middle-aged comedienne threw her manifestation to the universe.

“I do want to experience big love I wanna fall head over heels for somebody, I want to flirt and text. I do crave that, and I hope it’s in my near future.” When Chelsea saw her manifest, she told the studio and television audience, “Look at that. And now I just got it! Anybody who’s out there, I’m 46 years old! So any women who are out there or men or anyone doesn’t matter who you are, if you’re feeling that it may never happen to you, let me tell you that it will happen to you. You just have to manifest it to happen.” Manifestation is a process of bringing your dream, intention, or idea into the physical world. It is a practice of turning your thoughts into reality. It’s a big movement right now in the United States after the book “Manifest” was published by writer Annie Tarasova.

The comedienne is so open about her relationship with Jo Koy that she even put it in her stand-up monologue during her show “Vaccinated and Horny” in Boston. Bouts of laughter echoed in the theater after Chelsea punch-lined, “The things that come out of Jo Koy’s mouth. I would always tell him – Are you for real? – Here’s one of them. ‘Everytime you smile, my dxxx gets hard.’ – Women, you know what that means to us! My happiness makes you aroused, oh my God. Then one time I told him, I think I’m getting cellulite on my arm now. Then he tells me, ‘Chelsea that’s what makes a woman a woman. Cellulite is the sexiest thing.’ (to her audience) I am a Jewish girl from New Jersey that did not like giving bl_w jxxxs! Once a guy put his hand on the back of my head and I said, ‘ah no I’m not doing that! ‘Now I put Joe’s hand on the back of my head. Men, that’s what’s going to happen to you guys if you say the right things to us.”

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