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Impressive Overwatch Video Shows Reinhardt Being Used As A Dive Tank

Overwatch is a game designed around making awesome plays. With each game containing many swings in momentum, a coordinated push or quick reaction, such as a Reinhardt player destroying a Rip-Tire at the last moment, can change the outcome of a game. To improve, players need to learn to adapt and try new strategies, and that is exactly what one Reinhardt player is doing.

There are 8 different tank characters in Overwatch, each with a unique kit. Despite these varied abilities, tanks typically fall into 2 categories: dive tanks and main tanks. As the name suggests, dive tanks such as D.Va or Winston typically use their abilities to push through chokepoints quickly and target weak opponents. On the other hand, main tanks like Reinhardt and Orisa focus on soaking up enemy damage for the rest of their team by utilizing shield barriers. However, one Reinhardt player is attempting to redefine these categories, showing players that the character can be a dive tank as well.

In a recent Reddit post, user geezyclaps showed off a video of them playing Reinhardt. In the roughly 1 minute clip, the player attempted to prove that the shield tank can be just as effective when diving the enemy team. Using the charge mechanic, the player managed to reach many areas that were normally out of reach. The idea behind maneuvering to these unorthodox spots is that the Reinhardt player can then potentially catch his opponents off guard.

Geezyclaps has put a lot of work into perfecting this strategy, as he demonstrated this tactic on many locations from Overwatch’s maps. Even though this recent clip only showed the player performing these charges in practice, they plan to make a follow-up video showcasing this Reinhardt dive strategy in matches.

The Overwatch community seems to be enjoying this new tactics video for Reinhardt. With over 2,300 upvotes, gamers seem impressed with the many different locations geezyclaps was able to access after using the Reinhardt charge. While many fans wanted to test the strategy out for themselves, a support player commented that it would be challenging to try and heal a Reinhardt using these tactics.

It will be interesting to see how effective these strategies are once Overwatch 2 eventually launches. While the sequel to the 2016 game doesn’t have a release date, the developers did reveal a massive change coming to team composition. According to the developers, Overwatch 2 teams will feature only 1 tank instead of 2. Time will tell if geezyclaps’ strategy of diving the enemy team as Reinhardt from these unusual positions is viable when there are no other tanks left to support the team.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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