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Is Eva Longoria Playing Camille Vasquez In Upcoming Film?

Camille Vasquez’s inspiring story might be appearing on the big screen soon! The lawyer was recently interviewed by Access Hollywood’s Mario Lopez, and she revealed she would like to have Eva Longoria portraying her in a potential film or TV series.

The fan-favorite lawyer, who is now paving the way for the new generation of Latinas, talked with HOLA! USA about the importance of having family support during her professional career.

Now it seems like Camille might be having her story being told in Hollywood, with Lopez asking her about who she thinks would be a great fit to play her role.

“I think I should leave that to the casting directors, they get paid a lot of money to do that,” Camille laughed, before mentioning some of her favorite Latina actresses.

“I don’t know some wonderful Latina actress that.. Salma Hayek or Eva Longoria. There been some people who have said I look a little bit like them,” she admitted, describing Eva as a “sweetheart.”

Fans of the lawyer immediately pointed out her resemblance with Longoria, posting side-by-side comparisons of the pair and sharing their excitement about the possiblity of a potential film.

“I want a Netflix series of the Depp Trial with Eva Longoria shouting objection as she does her best Camille Vasquez impression,” one person wrote on Twitter, while someone else commented “If

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