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Jake Paul Says Floyd Mayweather Hired ‘Gangsters’ to Have Him Killed

Internet sensation and professional boxer Jake Paul is no stranger to controversy. As of late, he has been known for his verbal antics and antagonization of professional fighters and other athletes. But now, the 24-year-old claims that retired boxing champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather hired “street people” to “do something.”

This accusation came from Paul’s guest appearance on the Full Send podcast. Paul goes into detail about his situation in regards to Mayweather.

Jake Paul was previously involved in an infamous incident with Mayweather during the press conference for the Logan Paul-Floyd Mayweather boxing exhibition. During the heated exchange, Jake Paul and Mayweather came face to face before Paul pulled Mayweather’s hat off of his head, causing the confrontation to get physical. According to Paul, Mayweather never truly let go of the incident.

When asked about the incident at the 42 minute mark, Paul responded with comments about why Mayweather would dislike him. “We’re, like, genuinely making this old guy feel stupid and we legitimately hurt his feelings,” Paul said. As he continued to elaborate on the situation, he threw out a comment that shocked those around him. Paul claimed, “He was trying to get me killed behind the scenes for sure.”

Paul explained his position by stating his security detail was informed that Mayweather wanted to “do something.” Paul begins to quickly clarify that he did not know what that “something” was, but he speculates that it meant ending his life.

Occasionally, Jake Paul is a beloved internet figure due to his charity. But more often than not, Paul’s antics undoubtedly paint a target on his back. He is unafraid to call out any and every individual he thinks will step into the boxing ring with him, even if it means angering everyone around him. So far, he has fought a YouTuber, a retired NBA athlete, a former Bellator champion, and most recently a former UFC champion. Paul is undefeated through all four bouts.

Given Jake Paul’s proclivity for exaggeration and showmanship, the truthfulness of his statements remain in question. While it is certainly possible that Mayweather wanted someone to teach the young Paul a lesson, the details of the story have no real proof other than Paul’s word. Again, given his history, perhaps Jake Paul is trying to keep the spotlight on himself. It is also entirely possible that Jake Paul is trying to instigate Floyd Mayweather into taking a fight against him. If given the opportunity, there is no reason to doubt that Paul would get in the squared circle with Mayweather.

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