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Jay Leno believes GMC Hummer EV will make diesel off-roaders ‘obsolete’: ‘It’s just so incredibly powerful’

The all-new GMC Hummer EV was put through its paces on Wednesday’s Jay Leno’s Garage. General Motor design engineer Al Oppenheiser let Leno take a prototype model off-roading and the former Tonight Show host was very impressed.

The massive electrical vehicle features a powerful 1,000 horsepower, zero-emission engine and boasts a remarkable 350-mile range on a single charge. The Infinity Roof system allows owners to remove the majority of the roof for spectacular visibility. And whatever you can’t see out the window you can probably view through one of the 18 onboard cameras, which provide the driver with a full view of the undercarriage.

“I know. It’s amazing how effortless it feels, it just makes me laugh” said Leno while driving the pre-production vehicle. “It just makes some big old diesel thing just seem so obsolete. You know, the torque of this is what really makes me smile. It’s just so incredibly powerful.”

Leno was also very impressed with the Crabwalk feature, which is the latest technology in four-wheel steering.

“If the Hummer encounters an impassable object like, say, a boulder, Crabwalk can engage all four wheels to turn in the same direction up to 10 degrees while the vehicle’s body stays straight,” Leno explained. “This allows the entire vehicle to easily maneuver around it and keep on going.”

While a capable off-roader, General Motors original H2 Hummer only averaged and estimated 12 mpg. It ceased production in 2009 when the company went bankrupt. However, Leno thinks this new environmentally friendly version should make everyone happy.

“It’s actually faster, it has more power, it’s quieter,” Leno said. “There’s no place where the gas vehicle beats it. This wins on all points, which is what I find fascinating.”

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