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Jeff Jarrett shares why he is excited to be working in the Live Events department for WWE


On this week’s “After The Bell with Corey Graves,” Jeff Jarrett explained why he is excited to be working in the Live Event department for WWE.

“Promoting a show in 2022 is different than it was even in 2019,” he started.

“So the presentation, the marketing, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, all of that, those are our touchpoints to our audience. So marketing in that vein, and then the traditional radio and TV, and then the overall marketing of any event is RAW and SmackDown every Monday and Friday. The presentation, the marketing, and what drives live events, I don’t want to say it’s brand new, but promoting a show today is different from 2019 and so I’m highly energized to get in there, roll up my sleeves, try different things, and be innovative, and at the end of the day, like all of us, to create more revenue for WWE.”

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