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Jessie James Decker posts throwback bikini photos, encouraging moms to ‘rock the c-section scar’

Jessie James Decker, 33, is letting loose in a meaningful bikini photo.

On Thursday, the country music singer-songwriter posted a throwback pic of herself rocking an orange bikini during a trip to Greece in May as she proudly shows off her Cesarean-section scar.

“Cold weather making me miss the beach,” she captioned a pair of photos. “For those asking, this was from Greece in May. Not at the beach currently. Just missing it. And yes, rock the c-section scar. Loving the DMs.”

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Decker, who shares three children with Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker — Vivianne, 7; Eric, 6; and Forrest, 3 — has not been shy in speaking about the online criticism she’s faced about her body.

In August, the singer shared a few bikini photos on Instagram to celebrate the release of her single “Should Have Known Better,” in which she opened up regarding “hurtful” Reddit comments about her body.

“It was photos and videos right after our Italy Greece trip where I just wanted to live life and eat and drink wine and enjoy myself and yeah I gained happy lbs!! But it was like damn, really gonna point that out?” she replied to a commenter at the time.

“[I] busted my butt in the gym anyway cause I had a music video shoot to get ready for after we came back,” she continued. “But the moral of the story for me is to not let what [people] say get to me anymore as long as you feel good and happy in your skin that’s all that matters. But I will say it motivated me during my music video shoot and maybe the message of the song had a different meaning for me!”

In spite of the criticism, Decker always manages to use her platform to spread positivity and empower her followers to be their best selves. 

“Idk about y’all but this year has flown by fast,” she wrote in a recent post alongside an adorable picture of her family. “Sometimes I think Time goes by in a blink of an eye when you’re enjoying and taking in each day with love and gratitude. 2020 was rough on all of us but it taught me to stop, look around and ask myself what’s most important, what’s most special to me and what memories do I want to cherish when I look back on our lives.” 

She continued, “The answer is love and family. It’s the most important thing to me, positive vibes, surrounding myself with good energy and good people. Life is too short to focus on the bad and the wrong or things I can’t control. Wake up every day grateful for all the blessings and just do what makes you happy. I love my family so much and I tell them every day and thank God for them everyday.” 

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