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Johnny Depp accused of convincing a flight attendant into consuming drugs

Johnny Dep has been accused of allegedly trying to convince a flight attendant into consuming drugs with him while in the air.

The allegation has been dropped by his ex-wife Amber Heard who claims she was on the flight with the actor when the incident occurred.

She also accused the Pirates of the Caribbean star of having become ‘heated’ once their flight attendant became “MDMA friendly.”

She even accused Mr Depp of having a fit of rage during the flight and becoming physical with the woman.

“He grabbed her by the wrist and slammed it down on the table, and told her he could break her wrist.”

According to claims made by Ms Heard during her testimonies, “These things would happen.”

However, in a rebuttal, Mr Depp accused his ex-wife of being the cause of the entire incident.

An incident similar was referenced in the courtroom later in the hearing, and Mr Heard blasted her ex for having a drug-induced incident that cause a flight to turn violent.

One where Mr Depp allegedly shoved her into a glass table and struck her in the face.

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