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Johnny Depp agreed to appear in Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 before Amber Heard’s allegations?

Hollywood dashing star Johnny Depp was reportedly going to be paid a huge sum for Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 before Amber Heard allegations came down.

Following his defamation case against ex-wife, Depp has been lining up new projects, seemingly indicating that his career is picking up again after his legal troubles. One role that his fans would more than likely love to see him reprise is Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. 

There’s been much speculation regarding whether Depp could return to the billion-dollar Disney franchise. This includes the amount of money he was reportedly going to be paid for a sixth installment before Heard’s allegations came into play.

A media outlet, citing source, claimed that the actor was set to take in a massive payday for Pirates of the Caribbean 6.  

During the defamation trial, his talent manager, Jack Whigham, said that the actor had verbally agreed to a $22.5 million deal to appear in the movie, as per reports. 

However, this figure sound feasible, considering the success of the franchise and Depp’s status in it. It’s much more realistic than the rumour that he was being paid $301 million to return for a single film, a notion that Depp’s rep quickly shut down.

Nothing is known about the specifics of the film, aside from the fact that it would’ve likely been the final outing for the character of Jack Sparrow. However,  Johnny Depp claimed during the trial that he had his own ideas for ending the Pirates franchise. 

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