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Johnny Depp fans go crazy as he affectionately hugs a young fan in France

Johnny Depp continues to win the hearts of his fans even after his high-profile legal case against ex-wife Amber Heard.

Depp has been at the centre of even more media interest and attention than usual this year due to the defamation lawsuit between himself and HeardDepp won the trial.

Now, his fans’ adoration of him continues to grow even stronger and a video of him speaking to a young fan in France has only added to that.

Depp was captured on video interacting with a young fan in La Sape, Marcia, France. In the video, Depp is seen holding a soft toy, and he gets down on his knees in order to speak to the child.

Before parting ways, Depp even hugs the youngster.

Unsurprisingly, the gesture went down well with his loyal online fans who piled praise onto the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

“He’s so good to his fans,” wrote one Twitter user, “especially his little ones.”

“The little rock back and forth he does while hugging is a fatherly instinct,” commented another.

“And how he gets down on their level,” replied another Twitter user.

Depp has been in Europe for some time now, performing on tour while also enjoying a holiday.

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