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Johnny Depp lamented ‘death of journalistic integrity’: influencer reveals

An influencer, who was covering the blockbuster legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, recently claimed that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor spoke to him.

According to Substack, Jessica Reed Kraus, having more than 900,000 followers on Instagram, shared that she and Depp conversed on April 11 – the same day that the trial began.

Kraus said that she was introduced to Depp through an ‘old friend’ of the actor.

The influencer shared that she was told that an anonymous source with ‘ni introduction’ wanted to talk on the call.

“On the other end of the line the greeting that booms through the phone is a vibration that needs no introduction,” she wrote. “Johnny Depp, voice bathed in slow southern charm, greets me with ‘hello.’”

According to Insider, Kraus recalled, “‘I don’t know you’ he says, ‘but I know, just by the words you use and the aesthetic in your work, that I trust you.’”

The influencer describes Depp as “smart, curious, funny and polite” while adding that he lamented “the death of journalistic integrity”.

Kraus also said that during an in-person meeting with the Hollywood A-lister, he thanked her “for caring enough to carve [her coverage] with intention,” and claimed that other media organisations “failed him so many times before”.

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